Ok Garage Door guru

Ok Garage Door guru

The garage door will not work properly if the cable slips off the drum.

The springs and cables on your garage door work together to keep the garage door functional.

Garage door cables experience wear and tear over time.

This can be a problem for the smooth operation of the garage doors.

If your garage door cables keep coming off, then there can be different reasons behind it.

Cables are sometimes involved when it comes to garage door problems.

Whether your garage door is stuck or isn’t closing properly, here are some of the problems and solutions when it comes to garage door cables.

Reasons Behind Cable Drum Slip

As mentioned above, there are different reasons why your cable drum will slip.

The garage door will open when only the springs in it will apply the right amount of tension to your cables. P

roper functioning of the cable helps in lifting the door and spool on the drums.

These cables can slip off your rollers.

If this happens then the cable can get loose. Here are some of the reasons why your cable can start malfunctioning:

Torsion Spring Busted 

Some of the garage doors come with two torsion springs.

But the others have only one.

In case of the spring breaks, these cables will lose tension.

It will unwind from the drum.

The door can come crashing down if it happens.

But a door that comes with two torsion springs will likely not crash down.

Door Hitting an Object

With the photo safety eyes and auto-reverse mechanisms, it is easier to keep the door from falling on objects below or close suddenly.

But if these safeguards do not work properly or even if your system is old, then the door can shut down.

This can happen when the cable gets loose.

Spring with the Wrong Amount of Tension

The amount of spring tension completely depends on the different sizes of the doors.

Springs are tensioned while they are installed.

But if the tension is not properly done, then the chances are higher that it will make the cable to get loose.

Once the cable gets loose enough, it will unwind and fall off. This can also cause a garage door to be unaligned.

Wrong Size of the Drums or Cables

When the door is heavier, it will require heavier cables.

A cable that is too small for the drum or the door will be strained.

It can easily get weak and break off too causing the door to crash down.

You need to make sure that you are using the right size of the drums and cables for your garage door.

Final Words

So, these are some of the reasons why your garage door cables keep coming off.

You need to make sure that all the above-mentioned points are kept in mind while installing the garage door.