Types of Garage Door Insulation

Types of Garage Door Insulation

Have you ever look at your electricity bill and get surprised?

Well, it is quite common to get a higher bill than expected if your garage is not properly insulated.

The garage is one of the main parts of your house.

The heat and cold waves can enter your house through this if you do not take proper precautions.

The most important and effective way to keep the temperature perfect is by insulating the garage door.

There are different types of garage door insulation that you can opt for.

 Types of Garage Door Insulation

If you want to control your electricity bill and reduce the amount of money you spend on it, as well as solve some problems you may have with your garage, then you need to get the insulation done for your garage door.

Insulation can be of different types and it has different effects.

Types of Insulation

Here are some of the insulation types that you can choose for your garage door:

  1. Reflective foil

Though this type of insulation is not much attractive and appealing in nature, the reflective foil is highly effective at keeping the heat out in the summer.

This insulation is available in rolls.

The thickness of the foil is around an inch or a half.

This is available in both double as well as single foil.

It consists of one or two layers of polyethylene foam which is located between the two films of the aluminum foil.

  1. Polystyrene foam

Polystyrene foam is a great option for the insulation of your garage door.

But they offer less flexibility than that of the reflective foil. Instead, it is sold in large sheets that you can cut according to your own need to fit it in the panel of your garage door.

  1. Panel kits

Panel kits have 8 pre-cut fiberglass panels or plastic laminated polystyrene panels that can easily fit inside the channels of the garage door frame.

Benefits of installing insulation

Insulating the garage door is a great idea if you want your electricity bill and utility bills to get reduced.

Besides making the garage safer and more comfortable, it will also prevent the cold or hot winds to enter into the house through the garage.

You can keep your house comfortably cool in summer and cozy warm in winter with the help of insulation.

Colder or hotter drafts can make your house uncomfortable.

You have to choose a garage door insulation kit based on weight and the R-value.

Bottom line 

So, these are the different types of garage door insulation that you have to consider for your garage.

Of course, the garage door plays a major role in keeping your car safe.

But the main issue is that every time you open or close the door of your garage, drafts can enter into your house, especially if your alignment is off.

Also, these cold or warm drafts can make your house uncomfortable.

It will also make your HVAC system work more to keep your house at a comfortable temperature.

Thus, this can increase the utility bill to a great extent. To make sure you are avoiding such cases, you are installing the insulation as soon as possible.

If all else fails, you call the GD Guru.